ICYMI: Here Are The Craziest Pride Month Tweets From Woke Companies

Pride Month has officially commenced. Here is a rundown of all the craziest stories that have emerged in just the past 3 days.

For starters, companies have expectedly changed their profile photos to show their solidary and participation in the LGBTQ movement. NotTheBee posted a meme on their Instagram highlighting how many of these woke corporations are preaching Pride in the U.S. while refusing to do so when targeting the Middle East.

The company EVERY MAN JACK even went as far as to say “groom with pride” when showcasing their support of Pride Month. The tweet was deleted by the company shortly after it was uploaded due to obvious backlash.

The online magazine, Fatherly, took it upon itself to encourage families to take their children to attend Pride parades – but only after parents “have a few conversations first.” Those conversations, shockingly, should educate kids that these festivals are often “filled with sights that may be new to kids, like public nudity and kink.”

The NFL unveiled an updated version of its pride shield logo, then went into detail on what their new flag represents.

NASCAR, in a move to appeal to its fanbase, simultaneously celebrated LGBT Pride while also attacking Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“As we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we acknowledge that recent actions have not aligned with NASCAR’s mission to be a welcoming sport for all,” the tweet read. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to create a more inclusive environment — in our workplaces, at the race track & in the stands.”

The dig on Abbott came after the duly-elected Governor waved the green flag ahead of the May 22 All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway. Which as expected, was met with stark disapproval from the left.

On another note, it’s amazing how much the rainbow flag has evolved to be more inclusive over the past few years. Just look at what NASCAR posted below.

Even the nation’s military has joined in on the Pride action. Celebrating different sexual lifestyles to virtue signal its allegiance to wokeness and political correctness.

“We are the best #USAF by leveraging the diverse backgrounds & strengths of each member of our total force. We are committed to making the #AirForce a place where all can reach their full potential. #PRIDE” the U.S. Air Force tweeted.

The United States Space Force announced that it is working to “change policy, change minds, and create opportunities for LGBTQ+ members of the military” in their Pride tweet.

And even the U.S. Marines chimed in to honor the contributions of LGBTQ service members by showing off a helmet containing rainbow-colored bullets.

China is laughing at us.

Lastly, according to a recent report from Axios, “Organizers of LGBTQ Pride marches across the U.S. are telling local police departments they can’t officially march in annual parades.”

This is happening all across the country; Police are trying to march in Pride parades but are being denied by LGBTQ organizers. Apparently, the woke alliance of pride doesn’t accept the BLM and general left-wing hatred of police. So officers are not allowed to wear their uniforms in many places.

Isn’t Pride Month supposed to be a time for acceptance, tolerance, and celebration of diversity? So much for any of that.

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