Idaho Bill Banning Trans People from Altering Birth Certificate on Governor’s Desk

In 2018, a judge blocked Idaho from disallowing its citizens the option to change the sex listed on their birth certificate. The court claimed such a law would violate the Equal Protection Clause in the US Constitution, due to such a policy being discriminatory against transgenders.

The Idaho legislature passed a bill defying this ruling on Tuesday. The legislation is now on the governor’s desk waiting to be signed.

The bill makes it so that individuals would only be able to alter a birth certificate within a year of birth.

They also would only be allowed to make a change to the sex of their birth certificate if their was an actual error needing correction. They would not be able to make such changes in order to align the sex on their birth certificate with a supposed gender or sex identity that is not in-line with their biological sex.

It’s clear that allowing anyone to change the sex on their birth certificate based off of an arbitrary self-proclaimed gender identity would have negative consequences.

Alterations to one’s birth certificate that caused a discrepancy between their unchangeable biological sex and the sex/gender listed on their birth certificate creates confusion for gender specific sports, jails/prisons, public facilities (like locker rooms & bathrooms), etc. These are the problems Idaho is trying to avoid.

The bill states that allowing illegitimate changes to birth certificates based on arbitrary gender identity obviously “undermines the government’s interest in having accurate vital records.”

Supporters of the bill, like representative Julianne Young, insist that “safeguarding the accuracy of our vital records is a vital part of preserving the ability of the state to protect the public health and safety.”

This bill isn’t the only Republican backed piece of legislation making waves in Idaho. The House and Senate have also sent Pro-Life legislation to the desk of the governor.

One Pro-Life bill in particular outlaws abortion, if (or when) Roe vs Wade is overturned. It would make it a felony for a doctor to end the life of an unborn child, with few exceptions (rape, incest, & life of the mother).

Bills like these two are similar in that they show both the wild hypocrisy of the Left and the complete lack of concern for vulnerable populations.

The Left claims the mantle of ‘pro-science,’ but rejects clear biological facts. They insist that an offspring of humans is not a human being because of it’s location and deny the obvious biological reality that men are different than women.

They also pretends to be concerned for the most vulnerable. Yet, they ignore the atrocious mass slaughter of the most defenseless humans of all and refuse to defend girls who are forced to share locker rooms with and compete against biological males in sporting events.

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