Idaho House Passes Legislation Criminalizing Transgender Abuse of Children with Penalties of Life in Prison

The Idaho state house of representatives has passed a reform that would make it a felony for children to be trafficked out of state in order to receive transgender treatment, which includes drugging and genital mutilation.

The legislation, House Bill 675, would make it punishable by up to life in prison for children to be trafficked out of state to receive transgender treatment. It would also make the trans-related treatment punishable by life in prison if conducted within the state as well.

“We need to stop sterilizing and mutilating children under the age of 18,” said bill sponsor, Rep. Bruce Skaug (R-Nampa), who added that the bill would “protect” boys and girls from degenerate LGBT insanity.

The passage of the legislation on Tuesday by an overwhelming 55-13 margin brought Democrats to tears as they were triggered at the thought that children may no longer be groomed and abused by predators.

“Our transgender youth are so incredibly courageous, and I know how stressful it has been for transgender youth and their families as they’ve watched this bill move through this body,” Rep. Lauren Necochea (D-Boise) said.

The far-left Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was enraged by the passage of the legislation as well.

“It is so disappointing that some politicians in Boise have decided to follow Texas and Alabama down the path of imposing felony criminal penalties upon doctors who are simply doing their jobs,” the HRC legislative director and senior counsel Cathryn Oakley stated.

“By making it impossible for doctors to provide care for their patients, transgender youth are denied the age-appropriate, best practice, medically-necessary, gender-affirming care that a new study just found reduces the risk of moderate or severe depression by 60 percent and suicidal thoughts by 73 percent,” she continued, citing bogus numbers to justify the systemic abuse of the innocent.

“Every kid in Idaho deserves the chance to grow up feeling safe and respected for who they are. Denying someone medically-necessary health care simply because you don’t approve of who they are is textbook discrimination,” she added. “Decisions about what kind of care is appropriate for young people should be left up to the young person and their parents, in consultation with health care professionals, not by politicians looking to score political points at the expense of the well-being of transgender youth.”

It remains to be seen if this legislation will pass the Idaho Senate and be signed by the governor. There is a troubling trend of Republican leaders capitulating when it comes to protecting the innocent from LGBT overreach. Hopefully, patriots in Idaho will buck that trend and rebuke this satanic agenda that is clearly after the souls of the children.

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