IDIOCRACY: ‘First Responders’ Dance in Empty Hospitals as Western Civilization Crumbles

As coronavirus hysteria cripples society and destroys the global economy, a bizarre trend is emerging of “first responders” performing orchestrated dance routines on social media.

There have been dozens of videos that have emerged of nurses and other medical personnel coordinating dance routines in hospitals while on the job, presumably neglecting COVID patients for likes on TikTok and Instagram.

A handful of these videos have been compiled on social media:

While the fake news media likes to paint the picture that these individuals are swamped and hospitals are packed to the gills, these videos tell a different story. They show medical personnel who are bored and looking for ways to kill the time while the coronavirus disaster does not live up to the media hype.

Last week, Big League Politics reported on how hospitals are laying off workers at stunning rates:

Becker’s Hospital Review compiled a list of 94 hospitals that have instituted layoffs thus far across the U.S. amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The industry claims this is happening because demand for elective surgeries is down and that has dried up hospital revenue substantially.

“Many U.S. hospitals and health systems have suspended elective procedures to save capacity, supplies and staff to treat COVID-19 patients,” they wrote in their review. “As a result of suspending these nonemergent procedures, several systems have lost or expect to lose a large chunk of their annual revenue, forcing them to make cost reduction a top priority.”

Some recent examples include the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) announcing that they are laying off over 60 couriers, lab assistants, and patient support staff workers. The DMC said that 27 employees would be laid off from the Children’s Hospital with the other 38 workers losing their jobs from the rest of their Detroit campus…

East Texas hospitals are furloughing workers and reducing the hours for employees as well. UT Health East Texas and CHRISTUS Health say that the coronavirus panic is causing far fewer non-coronavirus patients and killing their business.

Yesterday, we reported on how a fake news journalist may have staged a medical photo op to obstruct patriots protesting the economic shut down:

A photograph of so-called “first responders” standing in the middle of traffic in Denver, apparently leaving their hospitals and neglecting coronavirus patients in doing so, to deny patriots the ability to demonstrate their constitutional rights is going viral.

Liberals are calling these individuals heroic for their anti-constitutional demonstration, but it may have been a complete hoax as the journalist who took the pictures is known to stage photo ops as part of her job.

Activists on social media drew attention to a post from Alyson McClaran, a freelance photographer whose work has appeared throughout various fake news publications, where she was recruiting medical equipment presumably to stage a photo op of sorts.

“I need someones help for a photo shoot. I am trying to find a nurse or someone who has the uniform and a stethoscope to help for MSU Denver’s online publication. Let me know and thanks!” McClaran wrote in the Facebook post in Oct. 2018.

While medical personnel certainly deserve a great deal of respect for doing their jobs in a time of crisis and mass hysteria, the deification of these individuals has become almost cult-like during the pandemic. It is time to put America back to work.

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