Ilhan Omar in 2012: America’s Judeo-Christian Culture is ‘Silly’

Minnestota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tweeted that it was “silly” to state that America has a Judeo-Christian culture and law in 2012.

She said as such in a Twitter thread about a Maine mayor who had asked for Somali refugees resettling in his town to leave their culture at the door. Omar believed the situation was the mayor’s fault.

Omar had rejected the premise of America being a “melting pot” of distinct populations earlier in the thread, emphasizing that she saw it fit for immigrants to retain the culture and customs of their previous country.

Protestant forms of Christianity have traditionally been the prevailing religion in the United States, and most Americans would point to many Christian teachings as composing essential American values.

Omar made it clear that her understanding of being an American simply meant “being yourself.”

In what way is such a vacuous and meaningless understanding of American nationality meaningful in the slightest as a way of uniting a nation?

Under Omar’s vision of being American, it seems literally everyone on earth would qualify for American citizenship- independently of their national or geographic status. All it takes is “being yourself.”

It seems likely that the ISIS recruits Omar asked a federal judge to show leniency to would count as ideal Americans under her definition. After all, they were only “being themselves” by seeking to join the terroristic Islamist cult.

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