Ilhan Omar Under FBI Review For Allegedly Marrying Her Brother

Ilhan Omar House Ethics Complaint

New reporting from the New York Post Sunday indicates that Ilhan Omar has been reviewed by the FBI regarding allegations the Minnesota congresswoman married her brother in an immigration fraud scheme.

The claim has surfaced several times- first originating from within the American Somali community before being picked up by conservative commentators such as Scott Johnson and Jack Posobiec. Omar has denied it, dismissing it as a right-wing conspiracy theory.

The FBI met with a whistleblower who is supposedly closely aware of the situation in mid-October, receiving documents that prove Omar committed the fraud. Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British national who is said to be her brother. Elmi received a green card from the federal government as a result of his marriage to Omar.

Elmi and Omar would go on to divorce shortly after their marriage. She went on to file for another divorce from her second husband in October, having been conducting an affair with a political consultant.

The FBI agents that met with an anonymous whistleblower promised that the documents he or she presented to them would be passed on to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, without promising that an FBI investigation would be launched over the matter.

Omar has gone on the record in the past stating that the claims she married her own brother are “disgusting lies.

A federal investigation of Omar’s purported incestuous marriage could be what it takes to finally provide definitive answers on the question. Omar could potentially face state or criminal charges related to immigration marriage fraud if the allegation proves to be truthful.



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