ILLEGAL ALIEN CASH GRAB: New Jersey Governor Considering Stimulus Unemployment Program For Illegals

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is considering a proposal that would create a de facto unemployment program for the state’s illegal immigrant community, signaling his consideration of a $600 a week rolling payment for illegals ineligible for the state’s current unemployment system.

Murphy said that he is open to the proposal, which was brought up by pro-amnesty group Make the Road NJ.

If Murphy’s progressive allies either pass the law through the New Jersey Legislature, or should the left-wing governor create it through executive order, New Jersey would be following in the footsteps of California in making a welfare program exclusively designed for the use of the state’s illegal immigrants.

Make the Road is also pushing him to sign an executive order forbidding the immigration detention or deportation of the state’s residents in the wake of the coronavirus recession, but obviously such a proposal would be rendered moot by the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution.

However, Murphy may run into legal roadblocks if he attempts to create an illegals-only unemployment program without the authorization of the state legislature. California Governor Gavin Newsom is currently facing a legal challenge to his illegal alien stimulus program from conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

In any event, the state government of New Jersey looks prepared to create a welfare program purely for the benefit of the state’s illegal immigrant community.

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