Illegal Alien Migrant Invasion is Reaching Record Levels 

According to government figures, 199,976 economic migrants crossed the southern border in July. Neil Munro of Breitbart News noted that this latest set of numbers has ensured “President Joe Biden’s 2022 migration exceeds the total 2021 numbers, even though August and September numbers have yet to be added.”

In the 12 months of fiscal 2021, officials recorded 1,734,686 migrants at the border and let 671,160 migrants into the US through various border law loopholes. 

The numbers for fiscal 2022 have been breathtaking to say the least. In just the first months of fiscal 2022, 1,946,780 migrants have been recorded at the border, with 1,012,378 economic migrants being allowed to enter the United States to acquire housing and employment.

One of the more shocking aspects of mass migration figures are the large numbers of “got-aways” — aliens who blow past border security and head straight to the interior. 

According to insider reports in the border security apparatus, there are approximately 40,000 got-aways on a monthly basis or about 500,000 annually.

Anyone with a functioning pair of eyes can recognize that there’s a humanitarian crisis taking place at the border. It has now spilled over into the US, where many blue collar Americans feel downward pressure on their wages and American communities get clobbered by drug trafficking and overall increases in crime rates. 

Mass migration is part of the DC uniparty’s cheap labor/cheap votes agenda that strives to create a pro-corporate, one-party state that is no longer American in character. 

Despite the obstacles, this unholy project can be stopped. But this can only be done with an America First ruling class at the helm.

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