Illegal Alien Shoots and Kills Sheriff’s Deputy, Wounds Officer After Overstaying Visa

An illegal alien living in Washington state killed a Sheriff’s Deputy and wounded another police officer during a road rage incident on March 20, according to federal law enforcement.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Juan Manuel Flores Del Toro, 29, was a Mexican citizen who entered Laredo, Texas, in 2014 on a temporary agricultural worker visa,” said a USA Today report.

According to ICE, there is no record that Flores Del Toro ever left the United States after his visa expired, and likewise there is no record that he ever re-applied to extend his visa.

Like half the illegals in the United States, he simply stayed despite the expiration, and was never deported. The end result was the death of a Sheriff’s Deputy and an injury to another police officer.

Flores Del Toro died of his injuries in a local hospital shortly after the incident.

According to the report:

Officers on Tuesday tried to stop Flores Del Toro’s vehicle after receiving a complaint about his driving that authorities described as “road-rage type event.” They chased him until he stopped in a house trailer park near Kittitas, about five miles from Ellensburg, the city where Flores Del Toro resided. Police say he got out of the car and shot at them with a handgun.

Sheriff’s deputy Ryan Thompson, 42, was killed and Kittitas police officer Benito Chavez, 22, was shot in the leg, shattering his femur.

Thompson was married with three children. Chavez joined the three-person Kittitas police department last July, officials said.

Visa overstays actually outnumber illegal border crossings again in 2018, as they have for seven consecutive years, according to the Center for Migration Studies.

As reported by Big League Politics, the abuse of the visa program by illegal aliens results in crimes such as the molestation of a 7-year-old by an illegal alien who had been arrested eight times.

Big League Politics will continue to track the flood of criminal illegal aliens staying in the U.S. after their visas expire.

Meanwhile, America is no closer to a sane immigration policy as leaders of both parties in Washington, D.C., work against President Donald J. Trump in his effort to secure the border.

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