Illegal Alien Sold Fake Green Cards, Other Forms of Identification

An illegal alien living un Utah was sentenced to jail time for the production and sale of fake Permanent Resident Cards (green cards) and Social Security cards.

“Court records show Francisco Javier Villasenor-Gomez, 37, entered the country illegally from Mexico and sold fake identification documents in Utah County,” according to The Daily Herald.

Villasenor-Gomez was making the fraudulent documents in his home and then using his vehicle  “to store, conceal and transport fraudulent documents to be delivered to persons ordering said documents through him,” the report said, citing the local police.

He was busted by undercover cops who bought green cards and Social Security Cards from him on three separate occasions.

“Villasenor-Gomez was also employed at a local steakhouse restaurant using a fake Social Security number and earned more than $5,000 in wages,” the report said. “Investigators determined the Social Security number belonged to another U.S. citizen and Villasenor-Gomez had forged the name as his own on the employment paperwork.”

Villasenor-Gomez was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but credited with 43 days already served. He will reportedly be released into Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody and deported upon completing his sentence. He has been ordered not to return to the United States.

Remember this case the next time leftist talking heads on cable news claim that illegal aliens do not use government benefits or taxpayer-funded programs. Just how many illegal aliens have purchased green cards or fake social security cards? The case of Villasenor-Gomez is certainly not an isolated one.

A country with a sane immigration policy would be asking and answering these questions. Instead, our rulers give us lip service and call us racists for asking.

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