Illegal Aliens Charged for HORRIFIC Crime on 11-Year-Old Girl (WARNING: DISTURBING ASSAULT)

WARNING: The details of this story are graphic and disturbing.

Two illegal aliens – 29-year-old Mauricio Barrera-Navidad and 28-year-old Carlos Palacios-Amaya – have been charged with second-degree rape after being accused of taking turns raping an 11-year-old girl.

Montgomery County Police arrested the illegals after the girl, who is now 12, told her story to a social worker at her school in the town of Germantown, MD. She reportedly shared the brutal details of what the illegals did to hear on many occasions while fighting through tears.

The illegals are accused of exploiting their friendship with the girl’s older brother in order to get access to her and commit the vicious crimes. According to court documents, Palacios-Amaya “used his cell phone to video record the two of them having sex” during one of his rapes, which occurred from Sept. to Dec. 2018.

Palacios-Amaya would coerce the girl into skipping school so he could victimize her during the day while she was unsupervised. Barrera-Navidad met the victim during her older brother’s birthday party in July 2018 then took her into a room and raped her that night, the girl told the social worker.

Court documents indicate that Barrera-Navidad is originally from El Salvador, lived in Damascus, MD, worked in demolitions, and has four children of his own. Little is known of Palacios-Amaya, other than he is a Salvadorean national who lived in Gaithersburg, MD.

Barrera-Navidad was granted a $100,000 bond by Montgomery County District Court Judge Sherri Koch while Palacios-Amaya was denied bond. Both men currently remain incarcerated awaiting trial.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) believes that these crimes were both preventable, as both of these illegal immigrants should have been deported long ago.

Barrera-Navidad was issued a “final order of removal” in Dec. 2016, but remained in the country for reasons unknown. Palacios-Amaya was deported by federal authorities in 2014, but came back illegally. ICE has described him as a “repeat immigration violator.”

Because of the failure to enforce federal immigration law urged on by liberal bureaucrats and judges, a young girl was repeatedly raped as a result.

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