Illegal Arrested After Trying to Enter ‘Special Operations Facility’ at Fort Bragg

An illegal alien from a still-unidentified country was arrested after trying several times to enter the “Special Operations facility” at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Nouran Ahmad Shihab Sueidan, who possesed an expired Jordanian passport, an expired Texas driver’s license, and had an expired vehicle registration and no proof of insurance, was stopped at the gate of the military base last week, according to The Fayetteville Observer.

Sueidan reportedly became belligerent when guards told him that he would not be able to access the base.

“When Sueidan was informed that he would not be able to enter Fort Bragg, he insisted that he had a foreign military identification and that he needed to make entry to the installation to “take a tour of the Special Operations facility to identify if it was worth his time,’” according to an affidavit cited in the report.

While resisting arrest, Sueidan began making coded statements, which were interpreted as threats by the officers on scene.

“The investigator said Sueidan also made comments several times about needing to know the time and said ‘at (noon), we will be happy, at (noon) the weather will change,’ as he looked around in different directions,” the report said.

Police did a canine sweep of the suspect’s vehicle, which caused a kerfuffle as the dog indicated the possibility of explosives. An explosive ordnance disposal team was brought in and confirmed that there were no explosives in the vehicle.

A gate at Fort Bragg was closed for hours due to the incident.

“The investigator said he refused to make any more statements, refused to sign government forms, refused to be processed and refused to enter the detention cell,” according to the report.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has placed a detainer on Sueidan, and a spokesman said that he will be processed for deportation upon his release.

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