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Illegal Facing Manslaughter Charges Escapes to Mexico After Oregon Jail Refuses ICE Detainer

The illegal will get off scot free because Washington County didn’t want to work with ICE.



An illegal immigrant who killed a woman and seriously injured her husband in a car crash has escaped to Mexico after being charged with manslaughter for his actions. 

In August, Alejandro Maldonado-Hernandez was released from the Washington County Jail in Oregon on bail after being charged with felony manslaughter. He killed Janice Ator in a fatal car crash while illegally street racing and seriously wounded her husband, Patrick.

It’s now been revealed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged an immigration detainer request with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, requesting that Hernandez be transferred to their custody after his release on bail.

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Washington County declined to enact the ICE detainer, allowing Hernandez free on the streets.

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In an ICE press release, the immigration enforcement agency revealed they learned Hernandez escaped to Mexico while out on bail. It now appears the street racing maniac who took an innocent life and gravely injured another American will simply avoid repercussions for his criminal actions.

A Seattle ICE press officer, Nathalie Asher, slammed local authorities for their careless refusal to assist in putting Hernandez in federal custody, where he belonged.

It is real slap in the face to the victim’s friends and family when criminal aliens, in this case a man who has caused the death of a woman and severe injuries to her husband, are released into the community due to dangerous sanctuary policies. How many lives have to be lost before politicians are more concerned about public safety than their own political agendas?”

Shortly after Hernandez fled the country, three individuals were arrested by local law enforcement for assisting him in his escape. They’re facing charges of hindering a criminal prosecution.

Washington County is one of many municipalities that decline to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, even when it comes to handling dangerous criminals such as Hernandez. Many cities and counties nationwide have embraced sanctuary city laws that make any cooperation with ICE all but impossible.

It’s unclear if Hernandez will face extradition from Mexico now that he’s out of the hands of U.S law enforcement. But it certainly is clear that the feckless authorities who simply allowed a dangerous illegal to saunter out of jail before escaping should hang their heads in shame.


Border Security

President Trump Preparing New Executive Order to Rescind DACA Amnesty After SCOTUS Decision

SCOTUS threw out the last one on procedural grounds.



White House sources have indicated that President Donald Trump is planning on signing a new executive order to terminate President Obama’s DACA amnesty program this week.

The Supreme Court had thrown out an earlier executive order to terminate the program in a court ruling last month, terminating the federal drive to enforce American immigration laws on supposed procedural inadequacies.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows suggested that the President would soon sign a new executive order to terminate the amnesty program, while speaking on Fox and Friends on Monday morning. “Starting this week, you’ll see executive orders, you’ll see business that actually goes forward from the Oval Office when Congress doesn’t act.

The President has spoken openly of his intention to terminate DACA a second time after the Supreme Court’s arbitrary decision. The court’s ruling had established that the President has complete authority to terminate the amnesty for a selected population of almost a million illegal immigrants, expanded by President Obama without congressional approval in 2014.

The court’s own ruling will likely prevent the judicial branch from overthrowing a second DACA termination executive order, having admitted that the federal government has every right to terminate the program that was implemented on a whim.

Liberal billionaire oligarchs such as George Soros and Charles Koch continue to fund an influence campaign to maintain the amnesty order, hoping to secure a status quo of open borders and weak immigration laws with the hopes of delivering a broad pool of affordable labor for large businesses and the American elite.

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