Illegal Immigration at Southern Border Hits New Record for September

In the month of September, Border Patrol officials witnessed a new increase in illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico  that represented  a new record for the agency, per internal agency data exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller.

For the month of September, Border Patrol recorded 218,777 encounters across the southern border, the highest on record for September dating back to at least to the year 2000, per data. September was the end of fiscal year 2023, and the record-breaking totals of that month put Border Patrol apprehensions over 2 million. 

The most recent September high was when Border Patrol had 207,597 encounters with illegal aliens in 2022.

“It is the policy of CBP to neither confirm nor speak to potentially improperly disclosed information or internal documents marked as law enforcement sensitive or for official use only,” a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spokesperson said to the Daily Caller.

In response to this alarming surge in illegal immigration, the Biden regime announced at the start of October the construction of an additional southern border wall in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

In Eagle Pass, Texas, Border Patrol has been ordered to cut concertina wire constructed by the Texas state government. The administration of Texas Governor Greg Abbott presided over the construction of this wire to halt illegal crossings. That area experienced a significant flow of migrants in September that largely came from Venezuela.

This is just another day at the southern border. With how negligent the Biden regime has been with respect to immigration, these numbers will continue to swell. Only a proper nationalist government can restore order at the border. 

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