Illegal Man Allegedly Murdered Ex-Girlfriend, Dumped Body in Suitcase On Side of Road

A Venezuelan man in the United States on an expired visa has been arrested for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend and dumping her body on the side of the road in a neighboring state.

“Javier da Silva was nabbed by detectives from both New York and Connecticut after he used an ATM card belonging to the victim, Valerie Reyes, to withdraw cash from her account, according to the Greenwich, Conn., Police Department,” The New York Post said.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is reportedly “looking into” da Silva’s immigration status. While being questioned, he reportedly “admitted a role in the death of Valerie Reyes” according to authorities.

Reyes, who was 24, was found dead on the morning of Feb.5, stuffed in a suitcase and dropped on the side of the road.

“Da Silva is expected to appear in White Plains federal court Tuesday afternoon because Reyes’ death and the dumping of her body crossed state lines,” the report said.

It is unclear what the exact charges will be.

Many Democrats have argued that building a border wall is impractical because about half of the illegal aliens residing in the United States are here on overstayed visas. The latter problem, of course, could be addressed with stricter laws and enforcement of visas.

Democrats do not want that, though. Instead, they believe that every person who steps foot inside the United States has an absolute right to live here for life.

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