Illegal Sets Fire to Hangar at Arizona Air Force Base

An illegal alien was arrested on Dec. 19 after allegedly setting fire to an airplane hangar at an Arizona Air Force Base.

“An illegal immigrant was caught by security forces after reportedly starting a fire on top of the roof of a hangar at Luke Air Force Base,” according to ABC15. “Glendale police report that around 8:30 p.m. on December 12, they were contacted by security at the base after they had detained a man near a hangar.”

The suspect is 33-year-old Francisco Manzano, and he reportedly confessed to the police that he was using cocaine and methamphetamine. He claimed that he was being chased by a group of men, but police found no one else near the crime scene.

Manzano allegedly used deodorant spray and his shoes to start the fire. He was charged with criminal trespassing  on a military base.

The bizarre crime occurred at a time when the battle over border security has taken center stage nationwide, with President Donald J. Trump demanding a wall be built at the southern border to stop the influx of illegal immigrants.

Democrats would not vote to give Trump $5 billion to fund the wall in the latest Continuing Resolution last week, causing a partial government shutdown. Wednesday, Trump remained adamant about keeping the government closed until the wall was fully funded.

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