Illinois Capitol Featuring “Satanic Deity” Alongside Christian Nativity Scene

The Illinois Capitol is featuring a satanic religious exhibit mocking Christian nativity scenes this holiday season, with a figure of Baphomet installed by the so-called Satanic Temple to recognize the holiday of Sol Invictus.

The Satanic Temple is claiming Sol Invictus is a holiday of their religion, despite the holiday’s grounding in ancient Roman and Greek polytheistic religious beliefs distinct from the Abrahamistic figure of Satan. The so-called religious organization cites fighting for abortion as a key element of its mission. This is the third year that a satanic exhibit has been featured at the Illinois capitol, with the mockery of nativity scenes installed on Monday, and it’s featured with a Jewish menorah scene and a Christian nativity scene.

The child Baphomet figure was designed by a New Mexico horror artist, in a development that raises questions about the Satanic Temple’s religious authenticity. The Satanic Temple previously erected an exhibit at the Illinois Capitol that depicted Eve taking an apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Old Testament, featuring a so-called exhibit of their own religion that takes content from the Christian and Jewish(arguably even Muslim) scriptures.

Christian traditionalists protested the satanic statue by reciting the Rosary as the satanists put up the exhibit on Monday.

It’s generally a tradition that holiday displays at government facilities recognize a plurality of religions, but some have criticized the satanic display for recognizing a faux “religion” intended merely as a reactionary protest of Christianity. The Catholic Bishop of Springfield, Illinois has criticized the inclusion of the satanic exhibit, likening it to nothing more than a mockery of a specific religion for purposes of political protest.

Mocking the millions of Christians in the state of Illinois and billions around the world by depicting the baby Jesus this Christmas with the ‘satanic deity’ Baphomet is the very definition of evil and causing division, but that is to be expected from an organization that is in existence to troll people of faith,” said a spokesperson of the Diocese of Springfield on the satanic exhibit.

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