Illinois Elected Officials Have Plans to Dole Out More Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Several elected officials in the Illinois General Assembly are ready to hand out benefits to illegal aliens.

Tanner Bonovitch, the Legislative Advisor at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, observed that both the Illinois State Senate and State House have veto-proof majorities in Illinois’s 102nd General Assembly. On top of that, Bonovitch noted that over the years Illinois “has already enacted radical immigration policies including a sanctuary law, granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, providing in-state tuition to illegal aliens and offering landlord-tenant protections to illegal aliens.” So there’s a clear pattern of Illinois’ political class being increasingly pro-illegal alien at the expense of American citizens. 

However, Illinois politicians are continuing to double down on policies that benefit illegal aliens. 

Bonovitch highlighted some of the provisions of Senate Bill 225, sponsored by State Senator Celina Villanueva:

  • Prohibits the Secretary of State (who issues driver’s licenses in Illinois) from providing facial recognition searches or photographs obtained in the process of issuing driver’s licenses or ID cards to any government entity for purposes of enforcing federal immigration laws.
  • The bill passed the Senate on April 22 and is currently in the House Rules Committee.

Additionally, SB 1986, sponsored by Sen. Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago):

  • Expands on Illinois’ 2017 sanctuary state law, the “Illinois Trust Act.”
  • Similar to the numerous “courthouse lockout” bills that have been passed around the country, SB 1986 goes even further by “limiting assistance with immigration enforcement at the following facilities to the fullest extent possible”: (1) public schools and public colleges; (2) hospitals, emergency or urgent care facilities, nursing homes, and group homes; (3) public libraries; (4) facilities operated by the Office of the Secretary of State; and (5) courthouses.
  • Bans state and local law enforcement officers from inquiring about anyone’s citizenship or immigration status or birthplace, even if they’re detained or arrested, unless provided with a judicial warrant or other court order.
  • Prevents any law enforcement agency from entering into agreements with federal immigration authorities to enforce civil immigration law.
  • Is currently in the Senate Assignments Committee.

Similarly, State Senator Jaqueline Collins sponsored SB 1596 which does the following:

  • Adds citizenship and immigration status as grounds to enhance criminal charges as hate crimes.
  • The bill passed the Senate on April 23 and is currently in the House Rules Committee.

State Representative Edgar Gonzalez introduced House Bill (HB) 3171, which plans to do the following per Bonovitch’s report:

  • Allows non-citizens, including illegal aliens, to be appointed to any board, commission, authority, or task force authorized or created by the State or by the Governor as long as the person is 18 years of age and resides within Illinois
  • Is modeled on similar legislation adopted in California.

In the scenario that these bills pass, they are likely to receive Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker’s signature.

Logic and experience hold that any efforts to expand benefits to illegal aliens will serve as a magnet for further illegal immigration. According to numbers from FAIR, Illinois’ illegal alien population is the sixth largest in the nation at 585,000; a figure that grows to 787,000 when their American-born children are included.

Illinois, a blue stronghold, is already notorious for its tough gun control laws and politically correct law enforcement standards. Being an illegal alien sanctuary just further cements its status as a Democrat ghetto and, like other blue states, will exacerbate the exodus of those interested in law and order.

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