Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Vows to Provide “Emergency Housing” to Illegal Aliens Bused from Texas

With Texas Governor Greg Abbott busing illegal aliens to Chicago, elected officials in Illinois have been scrambling to find a solution to this problem.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has come up with a novel idea. Namely, “emergency housing” for illegal aliens in addition to “health care screenings, the offer of COVID-19 vaccines and … additional legal resettlement assistance.”

Pritzker’s proposal comes during a time when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has labeled Abbott’s deployment of migrant buses “racist and xenophobic”, “immoral”, and “unpatriotic.”

For those unaware, Chicago is a sanctuary city where illegal aliens are shielded from deportation or prosecution, despite federal immigration laws on the books.

BLP has previously reported on Abbott sending illegal aliens to New York City and Washington DC as a way to have these cities pull their weight as Texas’ resources are over-stretched in trying to contain the never-ending deluge of migrants invading the country from the south. This invasion is largely facilitated by the Biden regime’s lax migration policies.

As John Binder of Breitbart News noted, “Pritzker’s pledge of emergency housing for migrants comes as Chicagoans face sky-high rents and housing costs.” Recent reports point to Chicagoans paying roughly 20% more in rent in 2022 compared to the previous.

Currently, the average rent in Chicago is over $2,900, which marks a roughly 20% rise in the cost of rent compared to 2021. Binder observed that “Rents in Chicago have increased so much that tenants are forming unions to fight their landlords and the city.”

Mass migration increases housing demand, especially in urban centers that are job magnets for migrants. Real estate investors will often make major bank off of this influx of migrants who put upward pressure on housing prices.

For urban Democrats, this doesn’t matter. They’re already the party of finance capital and the great replacement, so they end up caring little for the nasty side effects of mass migration. The election of a new people trumps all.

America First nationalists can take advantage of this situation to highlight how immigration restriction is the working man’s best friend due to how it protects both jobs but also keeps housing affordable. Immigration restriction is every cheap labor oligarch’s worst nightmare and we should make it a point to highlight how mass migration constitutes a full-frontal assault on the working class.

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