Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Wants to Destroy the First Amendment

In an interview with CNN earlier this month, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker declared that individuals have the right to free speech. But there’s a caveat: People’s speech can’t “be deceptive.” He stressed that such kind of speech is now illegal in Illinois and will be legally treated as fraud.

“You have a right to free speech, but you don’t have a right to lie,” he told CNN. “You don’t have a right to use those lies to push people into situations in which they, frankly, are breaking the law or where they are unaware of what their full rights are. So, we need to make sure that people know what their rights are.”

Pritzker recently signed into law, Senate Bill 1909,  a law with the aim of preventing crisis pregnancy groups from disseminating “misinformation” next to hospitals where abortions are carried out. This law effectively infringes on free speech at the state level in Illinois.

Like most blue states, Illinois is incredibly hostile to freedom. So it’s no shock why SB 1909 will become law. The cultural Left and their allies in the technocracy don’t care for free speech and will do everything to stifle it. They want monolithic control over every facet of Americans’ lives.

Conservative federal courts, as long as they remain in conservative hands, are generally the best option for right-wingers to fight leftist policies in blue states. 

If the courts can’t get the job done, blue states residents will simply have to move to red states to enjoy any semblance of freedom. Truth be told, that’s how things break down in the polarized state of the US.

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