‘I’m an Evil Salesman’: Curriculum Creator Admits Secretly Embedding Critical Race Theory into Lesson Plans

A curriculum creator admitted how he and others secretly embed critical race theory into their lesson plans, comparing himself to “an evil salesman” for what he does to deceive parents in order to brainwash children into believing the dogma of psychotic race-based leftism.

“If you don’t say the word critical race theory, you can teach it,” said Quinn Bostic, a PhD who works as a content manager for the Teaching Lab, to a Project Veritas journalist.

The Teaching Lab is described as a “a non-profit organization whose mission is to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning for educational equity.” They seek “to dramatically improve instruction through teacher professional learning based in great instructional materials, teacher-led communities, and ongoing structures for learning and improvement,” according to their official website.

Bostic confirmed in his words that the organization is a front to push critical race theory while keeping parents in the dark and giving plausible deniability to indoctrinators who are after the souls of the youth.

“I would say I’m a good salesman, but also an evil salesman. Like, so bad,” Bostic said.

Bostic said that his curriculum are brainwashing children as young as kindergarten age, and stupid RINOs like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp just let it happen.

“He’s [Gov. Kemp] like such an idiot. Like his wife does a lot of stuff on education here as a former teacher,” Bostic said, adding that Kemp’s wife would likely put a stop to it if she knew.

And because Bostic works for a nonprofit and not the school system as a third-party vendor, he is essentially shielded from repercussions for his illicit and predatory behavior.

“I’m not part of the system…I’m not going to lose my job over it,” he said. “The worst that’s going to happen is y’all gonna be upset that I shared some knowledge. That’s the worst that’s going to happen.”

Bostic remarked on the effectiveness of his insidious curricula, which are causing children to turn against their parents and attempt to police their thought crimes.

“And these kids are also pushing against their parents too, like ‘mom that’s not right – you shouldn’t say that!'” he said, adding that the ultimate goal is “to get the kids to influence their parents to make the shift too.”

The Project Veritas video can be seen here:

Bostic’s admissions cut to the heart of the scam used by leftist indoctrinators to push CRT and other anti-American blood libels in schools. It is time for these people to be swiftly brought to justice before they destroy the country with their subversive actions.

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