Images Released of Border Wall Prototypes


Construction of wall prototypes to secure the southern border of the United States is almost complete and images of the progress has been posted by Customs and Border Protection.

To find the perfect wall, six companies were chosen to build eight prototypes in San Diego, California. The competing companies were given 30 days to complete their models.

Half of the potential walls are made from concrete, while the other four were constructed using various other materials.

“Once complete, the government will run a series of tests on each prototype, checking for anti-climbing, anti-breaching, and anti-digging capabilities, among other things.” Breitbart reports.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump confirmed a hardline stance on construction the border wall — asserting that there will be no consideration of protection for Dreamers unless the project is funded. In additional to the wall, Trump also wants the ability to hire more border patrol agents and to be able to deport illegal immigrants more quickly.

“President Trump has put forth a series of proposals that will restore the rule of law to our immigration system, prioritize America’s safety and security, and end the lawlessness,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said of Trump’s demands.

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