Imam Caught Trying To Rape Three Year-Old Girl

An Imam in Pakistan was caught red handed while attempting to rape a three year old girl, according to the Times of Islamabad.

The young girl is reportedly one of the Imam’s students who was attending his daily Quran lessons in Okara, Pakistan.

According to witnesses, the Imam took the toddler girl to his house, which caused local villagers to take notice and grow alarmed.

When villagers stormed the Imam’s resident, which is located next to the mosque, they found him in the act of sexually assaulting the young girl. Villagers who caught the Imam began to beat him, and they shaved his head before turning him over to the authorities.

Under Islam, pedophilia and the abuse of women are widespread and permitted, given the fact that Muslims worship the prophet Mohammed, who is documented as having married Aisha, a six year-old child bride who he consummated his marriage with when she turned nine years old. According to the Quran, Muslims should strive to replicate the same qualities as Mohammed. Thus, it is no surprise that an Imam in Pakistan, one of the most extreme Islamic countries in the Middle East was caught trying to rape a toddler.

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