‘Imam of Peace’ Gets Deleted By Facebook With No Explanation

Imam Tawhidi, Twitter

Imam Tawhidi, the “Imam of Peace” advocating against violence in the Muslim religion, had his Facebook page deleted by Mark Zuckerberg’s company with “no reason or explanation.”

Tawhidi shared the news in the early hours of Friday morning.


Tawhidi says that “Islam must reform to survive,” and he recently challenged pro-Jihad Islamic figure Linda Sarsour to a debate. Tawhidi said that he would “resign as an imam” if Sarsour is actually able to defeat him in a debate about Islam.

As Big League Politics has been extensively reporting, Facebook is making a full-court press to censor conservative and pro-Trump sentiments on its platform.

Big League Politics reported that Facebook recently deleted a major pro-Trump group with over 132,000 members with no reason or explanation. After Deplorable outrage and seven days of standoff, Facebook backed down and re-instated the group.

The group “Wake Up America,” meanwhile, which had over 400,000 members and was reaching 20 million people per week, was shut down with no explanation ten days before the presidential election. Other pro-Trump moderators have been dealing with suspensions by Facebook management.

Facebook had to respond to problems with “The Deplorables,” a half-million member group, after a massive coordinated left-wing troll attack temporarily caused the group to crash.

“Facebook was made aware of a technical issue in The Deplorables Facebook group that is impacting the ability for members to post content in the group. We have identified the source of the problem and are actively working to restore full capabilities to the group. We’re very sorry for this error and have reached out to the group admin so that we may collaborate on ways to improve the groups experience,” Facebook spokeswoman Rebecca Maas told Big League Politics.

But as of Friday morning, the group was still racked with difficulties and moderators were still receiving threats from the attackers.

“The Deplorables” is the brainchild of Tom Lipscomb, the conservative founder of the New York Times’ Times Books imprint. Moderators include famous Islam critic Pam Geller, Baltimore black conservative radio host Wayne Dupree, tea party leader Lori Saxon, and this reporter. Founded on September 9, the day after Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” remark, the group shot to prominence in the last weeks of the election and now has more than 515,000 members. But all of that success is about to be undone.

Early Saturday morning, group administrator Dan Schwartz pinned an announcement on the Deplorables page that reads: “DO NOT POST, AS YOUR POST WILL NEVER BE SEEN.”

Schwartz explained: “The Deplorables group was essentially broken by Facebook now, for a variety of reasons. Essentially, we enabled post moderation because of the number of racist posts from trolls, who, even when we deleted the post and “member,” we could no longer block them, including several who we now know are Facebook Employees &/or Contractors. When we enabled post moderation, Facebook’s database crashed, and we cannot view your posts requiring Moderator approval; and worse, the Admin panel crashed, so we cannot even turn back off Moderation.


We have had numerous technical “problems” since we topped a half-million Deplorables around Election Day; and they have grown only worse in the last 36 hours. We have REPEATEDLY made Facebook staff aware of the problems; but it appears since we “Deplorables” do not comport with Silicon Valley’s vision of America.”

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