Immigrant Man Allegedly Assaulted for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

Immigrant Man Attacked MAGA Hat

An immigrant from Togo, West Africa was allegedly beaten by two men for wearing the red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat as he walked through Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Two men were arrested for the alleged beating of Atsu Mable, and police say it started after the attackers asked Mable to remove the hat.

Mable told local TV station WJLA the men approached him, and began asking about his pro-Trump hat.

“They were asking me, ‘Hey bro, why did you put that hat on?’,” said Mable. “And I didn’t say anything, I just passed by.”

As he attempted to walk away, the men followed him before the alleged physical incident. Mable told them he was entitled to his own political views, and asked them to leave him alone.

At this point, Mable says the physical confrontation began.

“All of a sudden, I got a punch on my head. Boom!” Mable told local media, “They took my headphones and smashed it to the ground and tried to take my phone.”

He then attempted to defend himself, but was pushed to the ground and beaten before a bystander called police.

“I was falling back onto the ground, they were punching me on my head,” said Mable. “I thank God for that bystander that came by and called the police.”

The suspects fled the scene after hearing police sirens, but the police press release reveals that the two men, Jovan Crawford and Scott Duncan Roberson, were later arrested and charged with assault and robbery in connection to the attack.

While hard data is difficult to gather, there appears to have been a massive uptick in political violence against supporters of President Donald J. Trump in the last year.

Last week three prominent conservatives, Owen Shroyer, Brandon Straka, and Michael Knowles, were physically attacked for supporting President Trump within hours of each other.

In the last few months, a man was assaulted for wearing a Make America Great Again hat to a vigil, another man had his tire slashed after a woman saw his MAGA hat on the dashboard, a man was thrown out of a bar for wearing his hat in public, and a Massachusetts woman assaulted a man for wearing his in public.

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