Immigration Patriot Website VDARE Awaits Major Supreme Court Hearings that Could Greatly Impact Free Speech

On February 25, 2022, immigration patriot website VDARE awaits a hearing at the US Supreme Court on two of its cases — Foundation v. City Of Colorado Springs and Brimelow vs. New York Times. These cases have been put on the Supreme Court’s conference docket here and here.

As VDARE editor Peter Brimelow noted, on that day, the Court “ may decide to hear either or both of our cases, or it may simply delay deciding on either or both—or it may reject either or both.

Brimelow believes that if the Supreme Court does not address the NYT case, the fake news publication will “continue with their License To Lie and to disregard their own much-touted ethical codefor now.” 

Furthermore, Brimelow believes that the Court’s potential failure to take on the Colorado Springs case will allow local governments to “deny police protection to dissidents, exposing them to Antifa violence”. 

For some context, VDARE originally booked a conference at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs back in 2017. They set up the event with no issues at first. However, leftist groups threw a major fit about the event. They used online petitions, local media attacks, social media outrage, and call-in campaigns to cow the hotel leadership into submission, thereby compelling them to cancel the VDARE conference. 

Colorado Springs’ Republican Mayor John Suthers did nothing to provide resources to keep event attendees safe. In a statement that was issued at the time, Suthers declared that “The City of Colorado Springs will not provide any support or resources to this event, and does not condone hate speech in any fashion.”

As a result of this decision in Colorado Springs, right-wing organizations with controversial policy positions would no longer be able to hold public events because local authorities somehow cannot provide adequate protection for them. On the other hand, leftists will be allowed to hold their own events while also be given the ability to riot, loot, and pummel their opponents to their hearts’ content. The Supreme Court ignoring this case will further cement this standard not only for Colorado Springs but other cities nationwide. Soon other jurisdictions could see local politicians submit to leftist pressure and not provide adequate protection to right-wing events, while the Left is allowed to roam free and continue spreading its vile propaganda. 

This incident may have taken place in 2017, but it should serve as a firm reminder that free speech is in an incredibly tenuous state in America at this moment in time. Immigration patriots should send their resources and prayers to the great folks at VDARE. They’re one of the few organizations who are defending the Historic American Nation from the radical subversives in DC, the corporate press, and megacorporations. 

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