Immigration Patriots Gather in DC to Commemorate Individuals Killed by Illegal Aliens

On July 3, 2020, a group of Immigration Patriots gathered in Washington, D.C. to celebrate an event— Salute to America and Prayer Vigil — at the Freedom Plaza.

The event was dedicated to president Donald Trump, who won on an America First immigration platform, and individuals who were murdered by illegal aliens.

Several immigration patriot groups such as the Remembrance Project were in attendance.

BLP reached out to Remembrance Project members for their thoughts on the event.

Diane Atkins, New York coordinator for The Remembrance Project, commented:

We gathered to pray for President Trump and our nation and hold a vigil for Americans killed by illegal aliens. We wanted to show President Trump that we support his America First agenda and stand for law and order. And most importantly as Christians, we must pray and fight against the evil scourge sweeping over our nation that seeks to destroy us all.

Fredy Burgos Jr., The Remembrance Project’s Virginia coordinator, added:

As a naturalized citizen my parents sacrificed family and fortune to move to the United States, legally.   It would be a tragedy and an insult to millions of legal residents and The Remembrance Project’s angel families if our ‘law and order’ president follows bad advice and decides to place illegal aliens above the law and goes along with amnesty. No one is above the law. By the way, there have been seven (7) amnesties since 1986, along with a promise for a border wall; and to this day, no Wall for security!  All we got was more illegal aliens who snub their noses to us.  My family came here legally.  There is a big front door. Use it, or leave!  I’m for a lawful nation not a lawless nation. I”m for America First, not America last.


12 police officers were present to keep order at the event.

Immigration is arguably the hottest issue going into the 2020 elections.

The political implications regarding the voting patterns of immigrants is profound.

Should this issue not be contained, many civil liberties such as the right to bear arms and free speech could be in jeopardy.

President Trump must promote immigration hawks running for Congress and make sure that he gets solid majorities in Congress.

In doing so, he can move his agenda forward without a problem.


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