Impeachment Talk Doesn’t Slow the Trump Train, as The President’s Approval Rating Hits a Two-Year High

Trump 58 Economy Poll

President Donald Trump’s popularity is soaring, much to the chagrin of Democrats out to impeach him, based largely off the strength of his economic policies.

According to a new Harvard-Harris poll, 48 percent of registered voters support Trump right now. This is a two-year high as voters are understanding that his policies are making America a more prosperous nation.

Backing up Trump’s increase in popularity is another poll from Rasmussen showing similar numbers, showing that this increase in support is far from an outlier.

Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers showed data indicating that the unemployment rate had dropped to 3.6 percent in April. That is the lowest unemployment number the country has seen in five decades.

Trump’s policies are giving serious economic gains to women and Hispanics, two demographics that the fake news media likes to paint as being at odds with Trump.

The President’s policies are also helping workers who are not college educated, as they are unemployed at the lowest rate in nearly two decades.

“The unemployment rate for adult women (20+) reached 3.1 percent in April, its lowest rate since 1953,” the CEA said. “The unemployment rate for Hispanics fell to 4.2 percent, the lowest rate since the series began in 1973. The unemployment rate for individuals with only a high school degree fell to 3.5 percent, matching the lowest rate since 2000.”

Hispanics, women, and high-school-educated individuals are not the only groups of individuals benefiting from the Trump boom.

“The unemployment rate for those with a disability fell to 6.3 percent in April, the lowest rate since the series began in 2008. Additionally, the unemployment rate for veterans fell to 2.3 percent, the lowest rate since the series began in 2000,” the CEA said.

“When you have the best employment numbers in history, when you have the best unemployment numbers in history, when you have the best economy probably that we’ve ever had, I don’t know – how the hell do you lose this election, right?” Trump said at a Pennsylvania rally in May.

While Trump’s numbers are spiking, he still has some room for improvement. Only 37 percent of respondents claim that they will definitely or probably vote for Trump in 2020, and only 39 percent of respondents believe the U.S. is back on the right track.

With the fake news and the deep state out to sabotage Trump, he will need to have some tricks up his sleeve to ensure re-election. With announcements that liberal Big Tech monopolies are being investigated for anti-trust and the origins of the Russian collusion hoax are being investigated by Attorney General Bill Barr, Trump appears to have his torpedoes ready to clear a path toward victory in 2020.

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