In 2022, 2.3 Migrants Have Been Arrested at the United States’ Southern Border 

Over 2.3 million migrants were arrested at the United States’ southern border in the past 12 months. This figure is the highest that the government has ever recorded. 

The yearly figure of migrants crossing the southern border grew by 37% from the prior year, when there were 1.7 million border arrests. 

In previous decades, the primary nationalities that tended to be apprehended were Mexicans. Now, according to a Press TV report, a “growing number of people apprehended this year were from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.”

Roughly a fourth of all border encounters involved families, whereas 6% involved children attempting to cross the border not being accompanied by guardians or parents. Nearly 70% of all encounters involved single adults.

Despite the establishment GOP and the corporate media’s attempts to downplay mass migration, immigration remains a pivotal issue that must be addressed head on. As long as America’s southern border has lax security standards, all sorts of nationalities will be allowed to enter the country at will. 

An immigration moratorium, strong E-Verify measures, and an overhaul of border security are needed to halt America’s immigration crisis. Anything that falls short of that, will put America closer to a demographic disaster that will result in the death of the American civilization state. 

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