In Blow to Democrats, #WalkAway Movement Gaining Steam

Recently, a hashtag encouraging voters to reject the Democrat party has surfaced and picked up steam online.

#WalkAway and its variants #WalkAwayMovement and #WalkAwayCampaign are making waves on social media giant Twitter, showing that some Americans have had enough of the shenanigans from the left. Many have referenced Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) encouragement of Democrats to harass President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

it’s difficult to walk away from something you have been since you were able to vote,” wrote Twitter user Deon Joseph. “But this is not the Democratic Party I knew. I’m starting to take those steps. Seeing Maxine Waters call for the harassment of people for something she ignored was the last straw.”

“I’m choosing to because I don’t want to see another civil war happen in my country, but sadly that’s what the Democratic Party and MSM seem to be pushing us towards,” said Julia Lee.

“My moment came when an unknown named beat and then her and hubby became his best buds!” said Sandra Battaglia. “Something seriously wrong here! The insidious progression of Anti-American policies . Enter like a breath of fresh air and we electing him as

Even prominent Republican actor James Woods got in on the action.

“I was a registered Democrat for the greater portion of my voting life,” he tweeted. “The cinched it for me. I was an through the Bush years. Obama was an eight year blank. The hatred and violence the now promote convince me I was right to …”

Have the Democrats finally gone past the point of no return?

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