Independent Leftist Glenn Greenwald Attacks Bernie Sanders for His Pro-NATO Vote

On August 3, 2022, the United States Senate voted 95-1-1 in favor of adding Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

The only individual who voted against this proposal was Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul voted present in this instance, much to the dismay of non-interventionist voices on the Rights who wanted Paul to take a much firmer stance in opposition to NATO expansion. 

On the Left, there was no meaningful opposition to NATO expansion. As a matter of fact, even the so-called “independent, democratic socialist” Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders voted for this legislation. 

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is known for his leftist economic views, got wind of this and called out Sanders on Twitter in a post he published that same day the vote took place. 

Glenn Greenwald tweeted, “Bernie doesn’t even pretend any more to have anything resembling a left-wing foreign policy or any minimal divergence from the neocon-driven Dem Party’s foreign policy dogma.

Opposing NATO expansion was long a mainstream liberal view. Now only Hawley & Paul will get near it”

Greenwald followed up with another tweet: 

“Even during the Cold War, extreme militarists recognized: the most dangerous act would be driving Russia and China into a union, then declaring their united alliance the US’s main enemy.

Seemingly overnight under Biden, this madness became DC consensus”


The independent journalist ended his tweet thread with the following comment:

“Each time a new country joins NATO, it means the US –nominally other countries, but really the US — is extending a permanent, limitless vow to defend that new country in any war and to treat its wars as our own.

Who does this benefit? How are Americans’ lives improved by this?”

Greenwald is correct to call out Sanders here. The Vermont Senator has clearly dropped the ball with regards to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. He has joined the DC uniparty voting for copious amounts of economic and military aid. 

Sanders isn’t the only member of progressive Left that’s voted for neoliberal/neoconservative policies towards Russia. BLP previously covered how independent journalist Michael Tracey called out California Congressman Ro Khanna for his hawkish actions towards China and Russia. On top of that, members of the progressive Squad also voted for the $40 billion monstrosity of a Ukraine bill that was passed with little opposition. 

It cannot be stressed enough. The anti-war Left is dead

Only the America First Right can save America from foreign policy disaster and bring the country back to a humble conduct of foreign affairs. 

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