India Understands Why Russia Launched Its Military Invasion of Ukraine

During a broadcast on Soloviev Live TV on March 16, 2022, Russia’s ambassador to India Denis Alipov said that India understands why Russia invaded Ukraine. In fact, Alipov stressed that India has not criticized Russia’s actions during this conflict. 

Per Alipov, India supports peacefully resolving all conflicts, which includes the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

“At the same time, the Indians have a very good idea of this conflict in all its complexity. They understand perfectly well what caused our actions in Ukraine, and, understanding this, as we see it, they do not condemn Russia,” the diplomat commented.

Alipov noted that India has repeatedly stayed neutral in several international forums, most notably the United Nations. India has reportedly stayed neutral in the face of “the contradictions that the conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated.”

On top of that, Alipov highlighted that India did not plan to join the anti-Russia sanctions bandwagon and has always opposed punitive economic measures as a matter of principle. 

India and Russia have maintained solid relations that date back to Cold War times. Even in the present, India is the largest buyer of Russian weapons. From 2018 to 2021, India spent $5.51 billion on Russian weapon imports.

Russian-Indian relations will remain strong in the multipolar world order, especially in a climate where the West’s fanatically woke foreign policy begins to alienate countries in Eurasia. The irony here is that relatively “open” West will effectively alienate itself from the rest of the globe due its ornery foreign policy.

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