Indiana Congressman Puts Forward “American Students First Act” to Halt Joe Biden from Expanding College Prep Programs to Illegal Alien Invaders

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks recently introduced a bill to prevent the Biden regime from providing taxpayer-funded college preparatory programs to illegal alien invaders. The programs are designed to serve low-income young Americans.

Banks is currently running for a spot in the United States Senate. In addition, he is introducing the “American Students First Act.”

The legislation would prevent Biden’s Department of Education from expanding federal TRIO programs to illegal aliens. These programs consist of the Talent Search program, the Educational Opportunity Centers program, and the Upward Bound program

“It’s disgusting and un-American that the Biden administration wants to use tax dollars from truckers and farmers to fund college prep classes for illegal immigrants,” Banks said in an interview with Breitbart. “All the while, our test scores are at a record low.”

In March, the Department of Education proposed broadening the scope of TRIO programs so that illegal aliens are eligible to receive them.

The proposal stated the following:

The Department proposes to expand participation in several TRIO programs to more students from disadvantaged backgrounds to align with the goals of the statute … limitations in the current regulation do not allow for TRIO programs to reach all students in the geographic areas for whom the programs were meant to serve.

The TRIO college preparation. programs are designed for low-income young Americans and students on green cards, similar to the Federal Pell Grant program.

“Rather than prepping illegals for college, the Biden administration should focus on undoing the unprecedented learning loss that happened during their school lockdowns,” Banks declared.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that mass migration is a big money grab for the higher education complex:

Mass immigration to the U.S. is a billion-dollar profit pipeline for American colleges and universities. In the 2023 school year, for example, more than one million foreign students — from visa-holders to illegal aliens — were enrolled in colleges and universities in the U.S.

These colleges and universities rake in an estimated $9 billion annually from foreign students, including illegal aliens, via tuition and fees.

All the most corrupt actors in American politics profit immensely from this civilization destroying process. These people must be severely punished for their treason. It’s the only way to open the political doors to true America First populism

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