Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb Signs Bill Throwing Out Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturers

Thanks to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s signing of House Enrolled Act 1235, a lawsuit aiming to hold several firearm manufacturers and retailers liable for the costs of gun violence in Gary was overturned. 

In signing this law, Holcomb retroactively banned Gary and every other local governing entity in Indiana from ever subject firearms companies legally liable for the” design, manufacture, import, export, distribution, advertising, marketing, sale or use of their products — whether lawful or unlawful”, according to a report by

The ban is applicable to any lawsuit filed by an Indiana local government on or after August 27, 1999, which means Gary’s pending lawsuit, is currently subject to being dismissed due to how the new law went into effect on March 15, immediately after Holcomb signed the bill into law. 

From this point forward, only the Indiana attorney general will have the power to sue firearm companies. 

Indiana has emerged as one of the pro-gun states in the union over the last decade. According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owner rankings, Indiana is ranked in 15th place thanks to its passage of pro-gun laws such as Constitutional Carry. 

The passage of this law will only help Indiana boost its pro-gun profile and protect it from anti-gun machinations.

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