India’s Supreme Court Calls For Climate Lockdown In New Dehli

A crowded street in New Delhi.

Ever since the supposed ‘conspiracy theorists’ extrapolated the draconian covid lockdowns by predicting the rise of climate lockdowns now that the basic framework has been tested, they were repeatedly ridiculed by the usual suspects in the mainstream media, calling them every name in the book they could. But it appears that many of these supposed ‘conspiracy theorists’ are simply just early in their dire predictions and warnings.

According to Summit News, the first official call from a governmental body to lockdown a municipality for the sake of the climate was finally issued by the Supreme Court of India.

“India’s Supreme Court is calling for a lockdown in the capital, New Delhi. It’s because of a health emergency, but it’s not about COVID-19. It’s about air pollution” the NPR states.

The main impetus for this call appears to be the air quality in New Dehli, which has already been subpar for the longest time considering India’s very slow start in building nuclear power plants compared to China and the fact that 70 percent of India’s electricity comes from coal.

Should the climate lockdown materialize, it will include a ban on non-essential traveling on roads in the capital area and forcing millions to work from home, a much more challenging task for India given the poor internet connectivity of the country. The ban would also extend to construction sites and schools, which may very well become a psychological drag on students considering they are just returning to schools and online learning is not an option for millions of them.

On top of this, the Cheif Minister of Delhi (the rough equivalent of a Governor) is urging neighboring regional governments to join in on the madness, even though the lockdowns have caused hundreds of millions across the Third World to fall back into poverty over the past year and a half.

Indeed, it appears that many globalist elites have been spending a lot of their time over the past year or so laying the groundwork to transition from covid-induced lockdowns to climate change-induced lockdowns in order to create a completely dependent population, Bill Gates being just one of them.

Given how willingly the vast majority of the species subjected themselves to pandemic lockdowns, many globalist elites appear to be gnawing at the bit to introduce new excuses to assume total control over humanity and engorge themselves even further.

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