INNER-CITY CRIME: Detroit Family That Brought ‘Dominion’ Into Michigan Has History of Vote Manipulation

Big League Politics has reported on Lathrup Village, Mich. Mayor Mykale “Kelly” Garrett and how she brokered a deal for $25 million to bring Dominion into Michigan while serving as a Democrat official.

Mayor Garrett has many close relatives who are influential figures in Detroit-area politics. MIRS reports that Mayor Garrett is related to state representative LaTanya Garrett of Detroit and Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett. Other members of this nascent Detroit political crime family include long-time former Michigan American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) President Al Garrett and 36th District Court judge Ruth Ann Garrett.

In our first exposé of the Garrett crime family, we are focusing on a previous voter fraud scandal that centered around the Garretts.

Clerk Garrett was accused by the left-wing press of “skullduggery” and perpetrating “anti-democratic machinations” with the help of AFSCME President Garrett, as they manipulated the vote on behalf of their preferred mayoral candidate back in 2014. The Wayne County election board refused to certify Aug. 2013 primary vote for Mayor after Garrett axed 1/5th of the city’s votes, which would later be reversed.

Garrett abused her authority to remove 20,425 write-in votes for former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan in order to give her preferred candidate, the union-backed Wayne County Sheriff’s office leader, Benny Napoleon, the victory. She did this by disqualifying votes that used numerals instead of tally marks (i.e., she would now allow “2” to be used instead of “II, “3” rather than “III,” “4” rather than “IIII,” and so on.). Duggan would eventually win the election and become Detroit mayor, which he remains to this day.

The Detroit Free Press noted that Garrett changed her story, initially saying that “it is the board’s policy to only count write-in votes that are tallied in poll books with a hash mark.” After this lie became untenable, she claimed that they needed more time to count votes. She said that the process happened in “two hours when it usually takes two weeks.” This is similar to how Detroit riggers suspiciously halted the absentee vote count this year, and then showed up with the bundles of unaccountable mystery ballots at the dead of night.

Former state elections director Chris Thomas said that he did not “see any authority to disqualify votes” due to “lack of hash marks.” Even Jocelyn Benson, the Southern Poverty Law Center board member who would later become the far-left secretary of state ready to rubberstamp electoral abnormalities to hurt Trump, cried foul at Garrett’s absurd scheme to disenfranchise voters.

“Nothing in the law says these ballots—if properly cast—should, as a result of an error in tallying, not ultimately be counted,” Benson said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard that it’s required to do the hash marks,” Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope said to the Free Press.

Even the official website for globalist socialism called out the Garrett Crime Family for being crooked.

“As the unions line up with the forces of law and order…they come out more and more openly as enemies of democratic rights. Duggan’s victory came in the face a series of maneuvers by the unions to keep him off the ballot or to confuse voters,” World Socialist Web Site wrote about Garrett’s fraud attempt.

Big League Politics will continue to detail the lurid exploits of the Garrett Crime Family. We have also filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the state of Michigan to find additional details about the Dominion contract executed by Mayor Garrett as a Democrat official.

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