INSANE: Cartel Gunmen Reportedly Brandish Rifles, Intimidate Border Wall Construction Crew

Wall Construction Workers Cartel Gunmen

Brian Kolfage, the veteran who started the viral We Build The Wall organization, revealed that cartel gunmen approached border wall construction crews brandishing rifles last night, seeking to intimidate them and prevent them from continuing the border wall construction.

Kolfage, the triple-amputee Air Force veteran and Purple Heart recipient who started the viral We Build The Wall campaign on GoFundMe, posted a tweet earlier today revealing that “15 armed cartel members with rifles dressed in camo approached our border wall last night intimidating construction crews”, and suggested his organization’s security was able to thwart the intimidation attempt.

This report comes only one day after President Donald Trump posted a video to Twitter, showing over 1,000 illegal aliens crossing the United States-Mexico border illegally where the border wall has not been completed. They were then apprehended by authorities, in what represents the single largest apprehension in United States history.

Big League Politics reported:

A stream of illegal aliens can be seen in the video pouring through an opening in what appears to be a chain link fence. The group can then be seen marching together in the same direction.

The post comes amid reports that Trump is set to make a serious announcement regarding border security, but so far, those reports are varied. A Thursday morning POLITICO report said that Trump was going to announce a ban on asylum for Central Americans. A Thursday afternoon report inĀ The Washington PostĀ said that Trump plans to threaten Mexico with more tariffs if they do not work to secure the border.

Only last month, heavily armed men wielding what appear to be automatic rifles and submachine guns were seen escorting illegal immigrants across the border in a video released by Customs and Border Protection.

Big League Politics reported:

The armed men exited a truck and escorted the woman and child across a section of border protected only by a small log fence. One of the smugglers accompanied the woman and child between an opening in the fence, onto U.S. soil, and two others remained on the Mexican side of the fence. After walking with the woman and child for several yards, the third man walked back through the fence to Mexico.

The smugglers can be seen traversing the border with ease, almost nonchalantly, highlighting the lack of border security at the U.S. southern border.

Kolfage’s wall project has already defied expectations and broken ground, as the veteran-turned-wall builder revealed in a viral video on Twitter that shows at least a half mile of the civilian-funded wall constructed along the border.

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