INSANE: Engineer Ran Train Off Tracks to Damage Coronavirus HOSPITAL SHIP

A Los Angeles engineer reportedly derailed a train, sending it in the direction of the hospital ship USNS Mercy with the hopes of damaging the vessel Tuesday.

Eduardo Moreno of San Pedro is being charged with one count of train wrecking.

Prosecutors are claiming that Moreno was intentionally trying to damage the hospital ship. They allude to the possibility of Moreno being a conspiracy theorist of some sort, evidently believing that the hospital ship was going to be used for nefarious purposes.

Moreno is said to have crashed a Pacific Harbor Line train, running it off the rails and sending it careening through a barricade to the Port of Los Angeles’ docks. The train crashed through several barriers and fences, crossing over two gravel parking lots. It ceased moving before reaching the Mercy, coming to rest just before the Vincent Thomas Bridge.

No one was injured from the derailing of the train, but a leakage of fuel from the machine required a hazmat team to respond to the incident.

Moreno allegedly told investigators that he was “suspicious” of the ship, not believing that “the ship is what they say it’s for.” The locomotive engineer reportedly went on to say that “you only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.

A Department of Justice press release on Moreno’s arrest and criminal charge describes the man as admitting to derailing the train with the intention of damaging the ship.

The Mercy docked at the Port of Los Angeles over the weekend. The vessel in present in the area to assist in containment measures for the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, in a similar fashion to the hospital ship USNS Comfort’s presence in New York City.

Derailing a train with the intention of damaging a hospital ship is an extreme criminal act, to put it lightly. The incident may have possible terrorist ramifications if it’s made clear that Moreno wanted to damage the ship for overt political purposes.

Big League Politics will continue to monitor this situation.


Video surfaced of the halted train and the damage it inflicted on the municipal docks on Tuesday.


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