INSANE VIDEO: NYC Ed. Councilwoman Claims ‘It Hurts People When They See a White Man Bouncing a Brown Baby on Their Lap’

Robin Broshi, a member of the community education council of District 2 in Manhattan, went on a disgustingly offensive rant to her fellow board members last week.

“It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap, and they don’t know the context,” Broshi said during the virtual Zoom conference meeting on Jun. 29. “That is harmful! That makes people cry!”

“They don’t come to our meetings, and they give me a hard time because I’m not vocal enough, and I’m not trying to be a martyr. I’m trying to illustrate to you that you think I’m a f**k… Excuse me. You think I’m a social justice warrior, and, you know, I’m being patronizing, and I’m getting pressure for not being enough of an advocate,” she continued.

Broshi’s whining shows how the far left manipulates weak allies into adopting extremist positions because they are too pathetic to resist the social pressure.

“I take that to heart, and it hurts me, and I have to learn how to be a better white person. You don’t have people telling you that,” she said.

A fellow education board member, Thomas Wrocklage then chimed in and asked for Broshi to clarify her comments.

“I would like to know before this meeting adjourns how having my friend’s nephew on my lap was hurtful to people and was racist. Can you please explain?” Wrocklage asked.

Broshi could not answer his questions and instead demanded that Wrocklage read several Marxist anti-white propaganda books, including Robin Diangelo’s “White Fragility.”

“It’s not my job to educate you. You’re an educated white male, and you can read a book, and you can learn about it yourself,” she said.

The video of the bizarre exchange can be seen here:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson annihilated the contemptible notion of white fragility in a recent segment on his titular prime time show:

Fox News Tucker Carlson delivered a thorough critique of Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” exposing the author’s reactionary bigotry, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Tucker exposed DiAngelo’s pseudointellectual psychoanalysis, rebuking her claims that that racism pervades everyday elements of American life in an all-powerful fashion.

Let’s see- how would you like it if someone called you a wife-beater? Or a child molestor? You probably wouldn’t like it very much- in fact you could lose your job and your friends for that. You might feel pretty threatened by that accusation. ‘A-ha!’ Says Robin DiAngelo. That means you’re guilty of racism! Feeling threatened is definitive proof that you’re a racist. You’re defensive- you’ve got white fragility. Hence the title of the book. By the way, if you’re not threatened when someone publicly denounces you as a racist, that is also proof that you’re a racist. Either way my friend, you’re a racist.” …

Carlson pointed out the author’s sly alignment with corporate American’s profit-friendly interests, alluding to passages where DiAngelo accuses critics of wealth inequality in America of a recurring theme-racism.

Broshi’s unhinged comments show the toxic impact that Marxist propaganda has on the mind.

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