INSANITY: Every Democrat on Presidential Debate Stage Support Taxpayers Funding Healthcare for Illegal Aliens!

On the second consecutive night of debate insanity from the Democratic Party’s presidential contenders for 2020, every single individual on stage indicated earlier this evening that they support subsidizing health care benefits for illegal immigrants.

The troubling clip can be seen here in its full context:

Conservatives and Republicans on Twitter reacted with astonishment as the Democratic Party’s pandering reaches crazed new levels:

With a national emergency at the border and ICE lacking the resources to properly vet refugees, Democrats are rolling out the red carpet for all of the third-world to invade and get socialized benefits. This is a recipe for national suicide.

President Donald Trump has to be smiling about his prospects for re-election next year, as the Democrats expose themselves as the real extremists trying to outdo each other on the debate stage tonight.

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