Inside President Trump’s Wall Deal to End the Shutdown

President Trump offered a generous but firm deal to Congressional Democrats to end the government shutdown on Saturday, in which temporary legal status will be offered to DACA recipients in return for $5.7 billion of funding for a all on the southern border. In his White House address announcing the proposal, the President called for Congress to come together and do what is necessary to restore sanity to the American system of immigration.

Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi preemptively rejected the proposal- taking the blame for the ongoing shutdown.

Trump’s immigration policy deal offered an extremely generous package to Democratic advocates of open borders and amnesty. If passed into law, it would provide three years of legal status for 700,000 DACA recipients, and extended legal protections for 300,000 recipients of Temporary Protected Status(TPS). The latter are migrants from countries designated as dangerous by the United States government, such as Haiti.

Trump’s plan would offer these concessions to immigration advocates in return for a humble and commonsense package of border security and patriotic immigration reform. Most significantly, the legislative package would provide a meager $5.7 billion of funding for wall construction. The package would also mandate the commission of 75 new teams of immigration judges, an essential policy proposal to ending abuse of the fraud-prone American asylum system frequently gamed by illegal migrants.

All in all, a generous plan that includes the fundamentals of policies long-demanded by immigration patriots, while offering enough to liberals to justify re-opening the government.

Reaction to the plan was generally favorable, with some pro-American border security advocates taking a more negative approach. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, expressed a nuanced approach towards the deal, stating he’d wait to read detailed language on the proposal before declaring support.

Ann Coulter, a frequent critic of President Trump’s immigration policy from the right, expressed opposition to the proposal. declaring it akin to a de facto amnesty.

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