Insider Claims Belarus Training Afghan, Iraqi Migrants With Military Experience to Attack Polish Border

Hundreds of migrants camp at the Belarus side of the border with Poland near Kuznica Bialostocka, Poland, in this photograph released by the Polish Defence Ministry, November 10, 2021. MON/Handout via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

A dissident former minister of Belarus’ Stalinist government is accusing the nation’s president, Alexander Lukashenko, of organizing an operation to train Afghan and Iraqi migrants with military experience to attack the Polish border, in order to facilitate an invasion of tens of thousands of migrants camped out at the area.

Pavel Latushka, the former Belarusian ambassador to France and Poland, implicated Lukashenko in what would amount to a criminal act- potentially even instigating a war. Mr. Latushka made the claim to EUobserver earlier this week.

The migration crisis is being used by Lukashenko to insert into EU territory people who have [military] experience and who additionally undertook training on Belarusian territory to realise terrorist acts,” claimed Latushka, who lives in Warsaw.

Next, Lukashenko will go for a local military conflict on the EU border, and in the meantime he will sell the picture to the world about a humanitarian crisis, the Europeans being to blame.” In reality, Lukashenko’s refusal to protect European borders from migrants- many of whom are seeking easy welfare benefits and cultural privileges in Germany- have created the crisis. Latushka claims Afghan and Iraqi migrants are being trained with weapons at Belarusian military bases.

Lukashenko himself has claimed that Poland’s refusal to accept the multitude of asylum seekers, most of whom traveled to Belarus through Russia, could result in a “war” between his country, Poland and Lithuania. Belarusian authorities have steadfastly refused to deport the illegal immigrants, instead more focused on delivering a political “hit” on a European Union member state with a national conservative government.

Patriots and nationalists often rightly criticize the European Union and several of its member-states for globalist policies and fanatical liberalism, but it isn’t set in stone that the EU simply must be a project of the Left- there was a time when the political alliance was limited to a prosperous common market, Christian democracy, and classical principles of western civilization. Lukashenko’s hostile acts don’t target the globalist bureaucrats of the EU, but rather the everyday citizens of European countries such as Poland and Germany.

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