Instagram Debuts New Hate Speech Filters That Will Censor Messages Across the Social Media Platform

Instagram has debuted new hate speech filters that the Facebook-owned social media platform claims will protect their users from words and thoughts they may find offensive.

“We understand the impact that abusive content – whether it’s racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other kind of abuse – can have on people. Nobody should have to experience that on Instagram,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

“We know there’s still more we can do, and we’re committed to continuing our fight against bullying and online abuse,” the platform added.

They are rolling out measures that can be used to restrict content. At first, these measures will be voluntary and controlled by the user. As time progresses, they will likely be used across the platform to block content permanently as Big Brother encroaches further to restrict freedom of speech and expression.

Big League Politics has reported on Instagram’s censorship measures in the past, such as when they banned the posting of truthful and accurate crime statistics in order to help perpetuate the anti-white blood libel fueling Black Lives Matter terror:

Instagram is banning federal crime statistics, which drive a stake through the heart of Black Lives Matter’s narrative regarding supposed racial disparities, from being shared on their platform…

In a survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, they found that there were a stunning 593,598 instances of documented interracial violent incidents last year, counting black-on-white instances as well as white-on-black instances. The findings are absolutely stunning.

Blacks committed an incredible 537,204 instances of interracial violent attacks against white people, accounting for 90 percent of the violence. White people only committed 56,394 attacks against black people over the same time period. Considering how many more white people there are in the country than blacks, these numbers are staggering.

In addition, data from the Justice Department recorded from 2017 indicates that black people are over-represented when it comes to hate crimes as well while white people are under-represented by 24 percent.

There has also been a rash of incidents in which elderly individuals confined to nursing homes have been targeted for victimization by black predators.”

The tech giants are continuing down the road to full Orwellian suppression of speech on all monopoly social media platforms.

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