Instagram, Owned by Facebook, Unveils New Big Brother Policies to Combat ‘Online Bullying’

Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Facebook, unveiled their new Orwellian policies yesterday that will use AI to censor content in real time.

“In the last few days, we started rolling out a new feature powered by AI that notifies people when their comment may be considered offensive before it’s posted,” wrote Adam Mosseri, who works as the Head of Instagram, in a blog.

They hope that this new feature will compel individuals to self-censor any comments that may be considered inappropriate or harmful by the thought controllers.

“This intervention gives people a chance to reflect and undo their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification,” he added.

A prompt comes up with the following question when any wrong-think is identified: “Are you sure you want to post this?”

The user is then able to undo the comment with something that is more palatable for the censors from there. This conditioning mechanism is meant to rewire the behavior of dissidents toward the desires of the multinational truth commission.

Instagram is also creating a “Restrict” feature that will allow an individual to post on another person’s profile, but their posts can only be seen by themselves.

“We wanted to create a feature that allows people to control their Instagram experience, without notifying someone who may be targeting them. Soon, we will begin testing a new way to protect your account from unwanted interactions called Restrict,” Mosseri wrote.

“Once you Restrict someone, comments on your posts from that person will only be visible to that person. You can choose to make a restricted person’s comments visible to others by approving their comments,” he added.

The pro-free speech social media alternative, Gab, called Instagram’s policies out for their creepy Orwellian nature.

Instagram will continue forward in perfecting Big Brother censorship on the platform, using combating online bullying as the excuse for their AI crackdown.

“It’s our responsibility to create a safe environment on Instagram. This has been an important priority for us for some time, and we are continuing to invest in better understanding and tackling this problem,” Mossari wrote.

This follows recent revelations that Google is manipulating their AI for the purposes of electoral interference in the 2020 presidential election, an conservative and independence voices are being purged from YouTube, Pinterest is targeting of pro-life content with Draconian censorship, and Twitter is conducting anti-American censorship to target President Trump’s supporters.

Instagram was seen as one of the last redoubts of free thought for conservatives and independents, but Mossari had made it abundantly clear that will no longer be the case.

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