“Insult to All of Us:” Female Friend of Kavanaugh Takes Accusations Personally

A female friend of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh spoke out against the newest round of allegations levied on Wednesday by a client of creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti.

“This claim is absolutely false and absurd,” Meghan McCaleb, a friend of Kavanaugh’s since high school, told The Daily Signal.

Earlier Wednesday, Julie Swetnick accused Kavanaugh of attending “gang rape” parties where women were allegedly drugged and taken advantage of, though she never points the finger specifically at Kavanaugh. Swetnick, who attended Gaithersburg High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and subsequently the University of Maryland, claims that she attended these parties multiple times over a period of years.

“We never hung out with anyone from Gaithersburg High School, there was never any drug use at our parties, and the fact that she is coming out and saying that is such an insult to Brett and to all of us,” McCaleb said.

McCaleb’s statement is consistent with that of the Kavanaugh’s, who claims to have never heard of Swetnick. Likewise, McCaleb said that she has never heard of Swetnick.

“It makes our community look bad and our reputation, and Brett was just not like that ever. No one was,” she said. ““I can just tell you that Brett was always a responsible, decent, polite guy, and he would never, ever do anything like this, ever.”

McCaleb also bashed Avenatti, America’s most hated (or loved, depending political affiliation) attorney.

“The fact that Michael Avenatti is coming up with this the day before the hearing is outrageous,” McCaleb said.

Swetnick’s allegations have raised several questions. Who attends high school parties after moving away to college? Why attend multiple parties where one knows that “gang rape” is going to be the theme?

Big League Politics uncovered Swetnick’s sordid history, which includes being sued for defamation, in an earlier piece. BLP reported:

Brett Kavanaugh’s third accuser Julie Swetnick was sued in 2001 for domestic violence against the man Richard Vinneccy in Miami-Dade County, according to court records.

Swetnick was also sued for defamation by the company Webtrends Corporation in 2000 according to court records.

A background search of Swetnick reveals two liens, including a 2014 federal tax lien of $40,303. She also has a Comptroller of Maryland Annapolis lean for $62,821.03.


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