Insurance Firm Fires Patriotic Demonstrator for Exercising 1st Amendment Rights OUTSIDE of Capitol

A lawyer has been fired by an insurance firm after attending a mostly peaceful protest outside of the U.S. Capitol yesterday, as the 1st Amendment is no more in the former land of the free.

Patriotic attorney Paul Davis was fired from Goosehead Insurance, Inc. because he was outside of the Capitol livestreaming the protest. He did not storm or breach the Capitol, but that does not matter. He will be crucified anyway because the Bill of Rights and Constitution is no more in America.

The cowardly Goosehead CEO and co-founder Mark Jones released a statement filled with doublespeak that is emblematic of the selling out of America by the corporate elite.

“While we support our employees’ right to vote and express themselves politically, we do not condone violent or illegal acts. This one former employee’s actions are not reflective of our company culture or values, and we are disappointed with his behavior,” Jones said in a Thursday morning message to employees. 

“Thankfully, we have the cherished rights of assembly and free speech, but those rights do not—and cannot—extend to violence in any form,” he added.

This follows a trend of businesses enforcing politically correct norms in the workplace and punishing dissidents for sharing opinions not approved by the ruling class, as Big League Politics has reported:

Timothy Gordon, who worked as a Catholic school teacher, was fired from his job for telling the truth about the “Black Lives Matter” supremacist movement that is laying waste to cities across the nation.

Gordon was fired from the Garces Catholic High School in Bakersfield, Calif. for calling out looters and rioters and standing for the property owners who have been under attack by these coordinated forces of evil. Shortly after a petition was made against him by radical leftists, the cowardly administrators at the school caved and terminated him…

Making the situation even more disgusting, Gordon is the sole breadwinner for a family of six children. One of his children has a disability and is recovering from major brain surgery. Because he lost his job, they will now have to pay out-of-pocket for all of her therapy as she recovers.

There has been a GoFundMe set up to help Gordon and his family through this horrifying ordeal, but the mob is already putting together an effort to destroy his GoFundMe. These vicious, anti-civilizational forces really do want his family to starve.

The organizers have urged people who want to help Gordon to send him money via Venmo. Venmo users can send him money at his handle, @Brego-Gordon. In addition, Gordon is a Catholic author and podcaster with a Patreon page to support his content. He has books and other items available 0n that page for sale.

“I’m the 9-tailed scourge of cowardice and heterodoxy: I oppose the Modernist brigands on your behalf. Atheist Friedrich Nietzsche claimed he was the north wind to ripe figs. I’m the south wind,” Gordon wrote on his Patreon page. “Most of all, I’m just a loyal son of the Church, my mother.”

Despite the hurdles, Gordon refuses to bow to the opponents of civilization and the enemies of Christ. He will continue to fight no matter the obstacles.

For demonstrating their lack of courage and patriotism, Goosehead should be punished severely in the marketplace with Trump supporters taking their business elsewhere.

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