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INTERVIEW: Death Of A Nation Author And Producer Dinesh D’Souza Talks Democratic Plantation, Shadowbanning, And The Trump Administration



In an exclusive interview with widely acclaimed #1 New York Times best-selling author, scholar, and award-winning filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, we discussed how the past actions of both political parties heavily influenced today’s political climate, as well as what conservatives can do to help combat the issue of shadowbanning and censorship throughout all social media platforms. D’Souza’s newest work, “Death of a Nation: Can We Save America A Second Time?” will be available nationwide July 31st, and the accompanying movie of the same title hits theaters August 3rd.



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Q: Mr. D’Souza, your book “The Big Lie” references Goebbels stating, ‘if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’  Do you think there is any honesty left in news media or is it all propaganda at this point? Where do Americans find truth now that they can no longer trust television and newspaper?

D’Souza: “The problem in America now is that we are getting you might say, one-party news. What I mean by that is that the progressive left is dominant in the fields of academia and in the media, and the entertainment industry. They are able to spin the narrative their way. They reveal facts that are convenient to their side and suppress facts that are inconvenient. So what you get is a distorted narrative, a kind of “big lie”. Not just about the daily news, that would be “fake news”, but also about American history. So I call this “fake history” and a lot of my work is aimed at exposing this “fake history” and in empowering Americans with a dose of the truth.”

Q: Mr. D’Souza, there seems to be a new wave of persecution against our historical figures and founding fathers–for example: tearing down monuments, hatred directed at our patriarchs, etc… Based on what you’ve been through, you may be able to relate to otherwise good men being judged, branded, and reduced to their single worst mistake while ignoring their positive contributions to society. What are the flaws in this mindset and what can we learn from this?

D’Souza: “So the problem is not that the Democrats are judging people by too high a standard, the problem is the Democrats are placing the blame in the wrong place. For example, the Democrats say that the “white man” is to blame for slavery, but of course in the civil war there were 300,000 white men that were killed who were on the right side, just as there were 300,000 white men who were killed who were on the wrong side. So clearly whiteness was not the problem. There were white guys on both sides. The Democrats who blame the South and they blame the white man, when in fact from the Great Plantation, to segregation, through racial terrorism and the Klu Klux Klan, were perpetrated either directly by the Democratic party or the open collusion with the Democratic party.”

Q: Mr. D’Souza, although most Americans aren’t paying attention, those who are following closely are wondering how Edward Snowden, Kim Dotcom, and Julian Assange fit into the bigger picture of espionage and national security. Ultimately, these men brought to light things that the American people unanimously agree are questionable-at best, while still branding these men criminals. What is your view on these whistle-blowers and how could the resolutions to their cases be handled justly without unfair bias?

D’Souza: “At a time when the media refuses to report the truth because it doesn’t serve it’s ideological ends, they’re desperately in need of whistle-blowers and people to give up information that we would not get any other way. Had Trump not been elected-had Hillary won-we would have no idea in the way in which the organs of the state, and this refers to the Justice Department, the FBI, had been mobilized by the Democrats to rig elections, determine the outcome of elections, go after political enemies and so on. This is almost the classic definition of fascism. The equation of the party with the state. This has actually, to my knowledge, never happened in American history, certainly not in my lifetime. J. Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI who had all kinds of quirks, and all kinds of problems, would never dream of trying to save one political problem or another. Not in a presidential election. What we’ve seen is the gangsterization of the Democratic party since Obama. Hillary and Obama represent a gangsterized form of Democrat, very different from let’s say Jimmy Carter or Harry Truman.”

Q: Mr. D’Souza, with the recent revelation that Twitter is using their quality filter to shadowban conservative accounts, coupled with the biased opinions that dominate the MSM news cycle, the apathetic public is fed a diet of primarily biased news and commentary–much like they accused the Russians of interfering and influencing the public during the 2016 campaign. How can conservative voices rise above the social media censorship and counteract the overwhelmingly negative spin coming from the mainstream media?

D’Souza: “First of all, I think it is heartbreaking that when many conservatives turn to social media as an antidote or as a remedy for the bias in mainstream media, we find that we are facing intolerance and selective shadowbanning in social media itself. I think that is abominable and I do think that we need to mobilize every force at our disposal to try to overturn this. Because if we can’t even get our message out, then ultimately we will be defeated. In a democratic society, information is power. The citizens have the power, but the citizens also need to know what’s going on. One of the reasons why the media hates Trump’s Twitter is because he’s able to communicate with people without going through their filter. That’s what’s driving them nuts. If Twitter for example were to say, I don’t think they will, but if they were to say, ‘We’re just going to shut down President Trump’s Twitter, we’re not going allow him to speak out’, just think about the implications of that and the implications of someone like Twitter doing that in a society like America which thrives on the thread of information and a democratic debate.”

Q: Mr. D’Souza, in your book “Death of a Nation” you state, ‘The Democrats realized, long after slavery was ended, that they could create new types of plantations that would so degrade and imprison the minds of their inhabitants that very few would want to leave.’  A very successful Democratic/Socialist/Communist strategy has been to offer safety and security in exchange for choice and freedom. How do we convince the modern day slaves who know nothing other than the prostitution of their vote for a handout, to embrace risk-success models that will lift them from poverty?

D’Souza: “There is a sense that there are people now, not only in the black community, but among Latinos and Native-Americans and Asian-Americans, who are waking up to what’s going on, but that’s only a very small first step. The truth of it is that real social change requires leadership and it is leadership, ideally, from the top. So, Trump and the Republican party are in a position to really shut down the Democratic Plantation and bring a final realization to Lincoln’s goal of ending the Democratic Plantation. The Republican party has a fantastic history. It shut down the original slave plantation, it opposed segregation and Jim Crow, the civil rights laws of the 1960’s would never have passed without the Republican party, more Republicans proportionately voted for those laws than Democrats. So, the Democrats have tried to camouflage history to avoid their own responsibility and to point the finger of blame at the Republican party, but Republicans should not fall for this big lie, and I think that empowered and lead by Trump, we are in a position to really begin to make a huge dent in the existing Democratic Plantation.”


Mr. D’Souza, is perhaps best known as the author of #1 New York Times bestseller “Obama’s America” (2012), as well as several well-known and bestselling books that include, Illiberal Education (1991), The End of Racism (1995), What’s So Great About America (2002), What’s So Great About Christianity (2007), and The Roots of Obama’s Rage (2010).

In addition to writing, D’Souza is also the executive producer of several documentaries including, 2016: Obama’s America (2012), which is the second-highest-grossing all-time political documentary, passing Michael Moore’s Sicko and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. He’s also the executive producer of several more documentaries such as, America: Imagine the World Without Her (2014), Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (2016), and his newest documentary titled: Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time?, which hits theaters August 3rd.

You can view the full trailer, as well as purchase tickets for Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? here:


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