INTERVIEW: Former CIA Chief of Station Says Feinstein ‘Misleading’ Americans About Spy Infiltration

A retired CIA Chief of Station and current President of Americans for Intel Reform spoke with Big League Politics on Monday regarding Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) Chinese spy infiltration and the state of American cybersecurity.

Brad Johnson is a retired CIA official with a plethora of insight into how intel operations, both foreign and domestic, are run.

Feinstein has denied that the spy, who was on her payroll for 20 years as her driver and staffer, obtained any classified information.

“To look at [the Chinese spy infiltration] and say, well, he had no access to classified information is misleading, and it’s purposefully misleading,” Johnson said.

As her driver, Johnson said that the spy would have been privy to her every day conversations.

“He knew every person she was talking to, what they were talking about, what they were working on together, [and] a lot of those phone calls would have been back to other staffers, Senators, her own staff back in Washington, D.C., and so on.”

Johnson also expressed concern that the infiltrator may have had access to Feinstein’s donors, giving him leverage to use against her.

WATCH the full groundbreaking interview:


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