INTERVIEW: Kentucky GOP Secretary of State Frontrunner, Covington Catholic Alum Speaks with BLP

Steve Knipper, frontrunner for the GOP nomination for Kentucky’s Secretary of State and an alumnus of Covington Catholic High School, spoke with Big League Politics Monday morning in the midst of the controversy surrounding the school.

“It’s just one of those things where they’re going to try to make a story,” Knipper, a 1988 graduate of the the school said, referring to the mainstream press

“Here’s a Northern Kentucky prep school that raises leaders. The discipline at Covington Catholic is so pronounced I can’t see somebody doing something to provoke a fight like that,” he continued.

Knipper was referring to the incident in which a Native American man approached a group of teenaged Covington Catholic students who were in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life last Friday. The man was beating his drum in the middle of their gathering as the boys, some wearing #MAGA hats, laughed along. Short clips of the incident made it appear as though the boys were mocking the man. The full clip, though, along with further evidence, shows that Native man approached the boys first. Further research into the man, Nathan Phillips, proves that he is a leftist activist and D-list celebrity. All signs point to the indisputable fact that he, not the boys, initiated the interaction. Predictably, the left-wing press has demonized the young men, calling them “racists.”

“It seems to me like they though ‘here’s an opportunity to take advantage of a bunch of younger guys who were wearing Trump hats,'” Knipper said. “I think they wanted to make this a political statement. They probably thought they saw some easy targets and thought ‘we can make a hey day out of this.'”

Leave it to the mainstream press, who was still wiping the egg off of its face after BuzzFeed’s flubbed story on President Donald J. Trump and his personal attorney Michael Cohen, to then immediately use children as political props to smear conservatives.

Knipper noted that there was nothing particularly controversial about the incident. The press, he recalled, claimed that the boys were chanting “build the wall,” when in reality the boys did not. Knipper added that he watched the video “20 or 30 times” to confirm that fact.

He then praised the boy in the center of the controversy, now named as Nathan Sandmann.

“In actuality, I think he showed great restraint,” Knipper said. “Had it been another school, it probably would not have worked out that way. I’ve heard people say, ‘well he had a smirk on his face, or he was making fun of [Phillips].’ I think the guy was just intimidated a little bit. He’s 15 years old and here’s a grown man staring him down, beating a drum in his face.”

“I want to reiterate the fact that Covington Catholic raises leaders,” Knipper finished. “They give you such a good background, a good foundation, and preparation for life. Attitude-wise, socialization, communication, how to treat others – it’s all part of the curriculum. That’s what I would say the left really doesn’t understand about that school, and for them to demonize them, I think they’ve picked on the wrong school.”


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