Interview: Naomi Levin, Republican For Congress In Manhattan/Brooklyn…Her Opponent Nadler Wants A New “Kavanaugh Investigation”

Naomi Levin, the New York Republican Tenth district congressional candidate running against Jerry Nadler, wants to pick up an important House seat on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and western Brooklyn, in President Donald Trump’s hometown of New York City. Levin, 35, is seen as an outsider, but her race gains new importance now. Jerry Nadler, her opponent, has called for a House “investigation” of Brett Kavanaugh if the Democrats win the House next month. In fact, Nadler has “promised” an investigation, according to the New York Times.

Levin has picked up the endorsement of Voice of Justice president Mark Meyer Appel, who will be voting for a Republican for the first time in decades. Her poise under fire is coming under notice. Unlike crosstown Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Levin is making her campaign about substance and American values.

“America was my parents’ haven when they came here from the Soviet Union in 1978. I love this country. I think that we in America have the best set of values known to mankind. I want to stand up for these values and for our freedoms and give back to this country which has done so much for my family,” Levin told Big League Politics in a wide-ranging conversation.

“The values of limited constitutional government and less government control of our lives resonate with me. I consider myself a moderate pragmatist.”

“I support secure policies that keep our city and our country safe. My priority is a sound foreign policy to contain the aggression of the Iranian Regime. My opponent undermines our national security, by being lukewarm to our friends, and complacent with our enemies. He championed the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2015. The Iranian Regime has been empowered as a direct result of the deal,” Levin tells BLP.

“Most recently, he boycotted the Jerusalem Embassy move, calling it a ‘media ploy devoid of any substance.'”

“I want to provide the best educational opportunities for our children by expanding charter school programs. My opponent is under the brick of teacher’s unions and hence does not support school choice.”

“I want to promote less burdensome and de-motivating taxation, and fight unnecessarily bureaucratic regulations to make our city more affordable and get the business in the district to thrive. My opponent consistently votes against reducing regulations and against reducing the tax burden.”

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